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About Me

Hey! My name is Katie and I'm the resident Manual Osteopath, Advanced Clinic Massage Therapist, and Reflexologist.

My goal with every appointment is to have you feeling the best and functioning better then when you came in. In doing this I can use Manual Osteopathy, Massage and Reflexology to help reach your goals of total body wellness. I consider myself to be a complimentery practitioner to be used along side other therapies.

I enjoy being active with walking my dogs, being at the play grounds with my children, being fit with crossfit. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking and I also enjoy the indoors which include baking, cooking and chilling with my kids watching netflix.


Happy Clients

Katie fixed my neck pain in one 1-hour session! I came to her (actually, she came to me at my house because she’s amazing like that) with knots in my neck and upper back that were so painful that I couldn’t even get a normal night’s sleep. After listening to my explanation of where I was feeling the pain, how it was causing tingling and numbness down my left arm, that I was getting headaches, and that I’d been doing some jiu jitsu and a lot of tennis, she decided to focus primarily on my upper body for the hour with some time dedicated to working on other muscles used for those sports. I started to feel the headache go away within the first 15 minutes. Towards the end of our session, she had relaxed the tension in my neck area so much that whatever was out of place decided to slip back into place on its own. The tingling and numbness in my left arm went away and never came back, and I have so much more mobility in my neck, especially after our second session. I now book a massage with Katie every month; she has superior knowledge and skills and will thoughtfully consider the pain and issues you describe. She will fix you. Plus, she’s kind, witty, and easy to talk with! - Jenn H.


Katie is absolutely wonderful! I've been seeing Katie for the past six plus years. She takes in my concerns and makes sure I leave feeling #1! Katie is very knowledgeable and has expanded her practice providing Manuel Osteopathy, Reflexology in addition to massage therapy. Katie creates a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment. I highly recommend. - Steph P.

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